An attractive old seaside market town

For the last 6 years Korsør hosted tourists from 9 cruise ships. The town is situated around a harbour which for centuries has been an important part of its inhabitants' daily life. To move from the southern part of the town to the northern, or vice versa, citizens have to pass over a bridge which at certain times of the day will be raised in order to let ships in or out of the fiord. Boats, vessels, merchant ships and the occasional cruise liner are regular visitors.

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Birkegaardens Haver

naturAn exciting day out for all the family - for your comfort and for inspiration - 30.000 m2 of gardens - The Danish/English Garden - 7.000 m2 - a floral splendour: It starts at the beginning of April with thousands of bulbous plants and it continues throughout the summer with a multitude of all kinds of exciting flowers meticulously planted according to color and species. The Japanese inspired Garden - 10.000 m2 - of simplicity and tranquillity. The garden consists of several garden sections. The Oak Wood - 8.000 m2 - idyllic and peaceful nature. The Oak Wood has been embellished with rhododendrons, clematis and white bush roses. The Shop - an attraction in itself. The large shop holds a range of romantic gifts and special flowers, etc. The Café - for comfortable relaxation. For sale: Light meals, coffee, beer, etc.

The Guard Hussar

The guard hussar regiment's mounted squadron is a special unit. Their primary task is to place mount...

Naval Base Korsoer

Naval Base Korsoer (OPLOG KOR) is a part of Admiral Danish Fleet, a modern establishment, especially...

The Landmark of Korsør

Whether you arrive in Korsør by foot, bike, car or boat you cannot avoid seeing the impressive landm...

The Marina

Sailing is a natural thing for the locals and many of them were probably only a few years old when t...

Birkegaardens Haver

An exciting day out for all the family - for your comfort and for inspiration - 30.000 m2 of gardens...

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