An attractive old seaside market town

For the last 6 years Korsør hosted tourists from 9 cruise ships. The town is situated around a harbour which for centuries has been an important part of its inhabitants' daily life. To move from the southern part of the town to the northern, or vice versa, citizens have to pass over a bridge which at certain times of the day will be raised in order to let ships in or out of the fiord. Boats, vessels, merchant ships and the occasional cruise liner are regular visitors.

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The Bird Sanctuary

birdA unique bird sanctuary, "Lejeodden", is located a short distance northwest of the town where the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat meet and the road leads to the suspension bridge across the Great Belt. An attractive beach, meadows and a lake give rest to a variety of shorebirds representing most of the common species of Denmark which often appear in large numbers although rarities also turn up.

The Woods

woodsA few miles from the town centre you will find two beautiful, old woods. Both of them are very popular amongst the locals and their guests. They are easy accessible, cars and motorbikes may drive on indicated routes only, leaving many areas free for walking and cycling in "Lystskoven" whereas "Klarskoven" is for walkers and bikers only. Both woods have a rich diversity of plant, bird and animal life.

The Beaches

beachThe town has thirteen sand beaches at hand. Some of them may be reached within minutes and others are a bit further away. Most of them are in a natural frame of beautiful nature such as woods and stretches of meadow land. A Blue Flag flying over several of these beaches indicates that a number of highly stringent environmental criteria has been met. Some of the beaches are especially suited for young children and disabled.


naturThe town of Korsør is surrounded by a great deal of natural beauty with numerous possibilities for walkers and bikers. A network of tracks lead the locals and their visitors along beaches and through woods both north and south of the town centre. The southern track along the seaside towards the town of Skælskør is particularly popular with the changing landscapes of cliffs and meadows and a perfect view to the neighbouring islands.

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