The Town Hall

hallAt the end of Havnegade on the left hand side stands a little grey building which was originally built as a port office and harbour master’s residence. From 1919 to 1941, the house served as the mayor’s office, and it was then a police station until 1984 when it was again taken over by the Municipality of Korsør. From the “turret” at the back of the building the pilot used to be able to look out over the Great Belt and see when a ship was nearing the port – and was thus in need of a pilot. The present town hall cost a total of DKK 779,522 and was opened on November 15th 1941. Take a look inside and see what the town received for its money – a truly beautiful building. Note the fine marble floors and columns. If possible, try to have a look at the Town Council Hall, and see the impressive pictures of “Life in Korsør” as it was at the beginning of the 1940s.