An attractive old seaside market town

For the last 6 years Korsør hosted tourists from 9 cruise ships. The town is situated around a harbour which for centuries has been an important part of its inhabitants' daily life. To move from the southern part of the town to the northern, or vice versa, citizens have to pass over a bridge which at certain times of the day will be raised in order to let ships in or out of the fiord. Boats, vessels, merchant ships and the occasional cruise liner are regular visitors.

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Stone and Bronze Age

stoneThere is plenty of evidence of our early human ancestors and their ways of life in the area around Korsør. In the wood, "Lystskoven", you will find a remarkable stone setting in the shape of a large ship as well as two circle settings. All of them date from the Stone Age, 3.800 BC. There is also a passage grave near the village of Halseby but the most impressive one is "Rævehøj" near the village of Dalby. The chamber is approximately 2.5 meters high, one of the tallest found in Denmark. It contains Bronze Age carvings.

H.C. Andersen

When on his travels, Hans Christian Andersen often came to Korsør. He stayed at the grand Hotel Stor...

The Vikings

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Stone and Bronze Age

There is plenty of evidence of our early human ancestors and their ways of life in the area around K...


Close to Korsør there are a number of historic remains from times of unrest. On the isle of "Sprogø"...

Church frescos

Around year 1200 AD more than two thousand church buildings were built throughout Denmark and many o...

Gavnø Castle

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